Few things:

*drunk Dean and Sam watching food net work and attempting to make something and play Chopped

*foster kid Jared and spoiled rich kid Jensen

*wingfic with angel Jensen and omega Jared and babies

Ahhhh so many ideas. D8


Anonymous said: In reading some of your comments on fics you've written, I get the feeling you prefer Sam and Jared, am I correct? I also get the feeling you identify in some way with Sam and/or Jared? When you've been to Creation cons, have you gotten photo ops with both Jensen and Jared, or just Jared? I'm partial to Sam and Jared, and am wondering if I'm recognizing that you are, too, or am I putting my own slant on it? Can you explain why in your fics, Sam/Jared bottoms while Dean/Jensen tops? Thanks! :D

Hi there!

I’ve held off on answering this just to collect my thoughts. Hopefully I’m eloquent enough now. XD

I have to admit, that when I started watching SPN, I was the person in the room fawning over Sam while everyone else was all about Dean. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dean. I enjoy writing his POV. But there’s something about Sam that I just always enjoyed a teensy bit more. I get into his headspace a little better. 

Folks ask me frequently, what Jared Padalecki ever did to me to write things like Garbage and It Takes a lot of Water. XD Nothing! I swear! I just… hurt!Jared is my favorite Jared. It doesn’t work the same way for me with hurt!Jensen. I can’t explain it. It’s like a preference for chocolate or vanilla. I just like it. XD

I’m not sure if I identify with Sam more because irl, my personality is a good mix of the two. I identify with the Jared (and Jensen) I’ve created in my head and in fics—I feel like that’s important to point out. I don’t actually have much in common with actual, irl J2. I’m not in my thirties and I don’t have kids and I don’t really enjoy sports (except for soccer). I guess, it’s more apt to say that I identify a lot with what fandom refers to as the bottom partner. Or, in yaoi world, the uke was always my favorite. I’m not sure what this says about me, but there it is, lol. 

I identify with characters who are compassionate and introverted. Most of the time, in my head, that’s Jared. But in Punzel, where that was Jensen, I was totally in sync with Jensen and writing Jared was more of a challenge. I love and admire people who are quiet, who work in the background and take the time to think about others around them. Whoever that happens to be in fic, I feel pretty strongly for. 

Going to cons, I’ve only had a photo op with Jared. That’s all I could afford last year, sadly. This year, a friend paid for my photo-op so I get to have a picture with both of the guys. Exciting and scary! 

Personally, back when I was reading fic, 90% of the time I stuck with bottom!Jared fic. That’s my preference reading and writing. I read a few top!Jared fics but always circled back to my original preference. You could count me as a bigger Jared fan than I am a Jensen fan, but that’s not entirely accurate either. I love ‘em both; I just happen to get into Jared’s character easier. And, you know, I love me some hurt!Jared.

As for topping, it’s just my personal preference. However, I don’t like my bottom!Jared to be a delicate flower. I love bottoms who are in command and in control; who say what they want and encourage their partner. I also really like tops who are expressive, considerate, and reciprocal. I’ve read some fics (in this fandom and others) where the top is super manly, super macho, super butch and… idk… that doesn’t do it for me. I’m all for Jensen in Punzel verse exploring his kinky side and shoving Jared up against a wall and being aggressive for an afternoon. But I like tops to recognize that being on top doesn’t make them more of a man.

I could talk forever about this! Hopefully I made some sense here.

tldr; bottom!jared/sam is where it’s at. XD


Update: House of Gold

Hello all!

FINALLY an update to House! Woo! And it was so long in my first draft that I split it up into two chapters, so you get two right off the bat. :D You can start reading here. <3

Thank you! This was all written on my new tablet. <333



IT’S HERE! My new precious and my old precious. I just finished sending over my documents from my netbook to the tablet. Thank you again, fandom.


Burning Love: Chicago Verse Drabble

It’s hot enough out for one beer.

He started the grill and just put the steaks on. He used more beer for the marinade that he has consumed for himself and the point of that makes him proud. Nothing is said when Sam has three and gets a little tipsy, because tipsy like this is a good look on him. 

On a lounge chair, stretched out on the patio, soaking up July sun, Sam is wearing sunglasses and his old man shorts. Chicken legs, Dean wants to tease, but he gets distracted by those same legs, barefoot and tan. Teasing can wait until after dinner. Sam is relaxed and open and taking up space in a way that’s different than all the other times. He pulls Dean in for kisses and dirty whispers of things they’ll do later. The steaks cook longer than Dean intends; but they’re still good.

Licking their fingers after their meal, they look up at each other. 

It’s like being seventeen again.

"Do it," Sam challenges, smirking. "All the cool kids are doing it."

Exactly like being seventeen again.

Dean gives in but makes a show of it. He drags himself over towards the door and grabs what he’s after. 

He sits down, using his cane as balance, and ignores the heckles and hoots for him to get the show on the road. He takes his damn time. 

Tuned up, Dean plays a few strums. 

The notes pick up a second later, jolting Sam to sit up and clap along.

"Lord Almighty, feel my temperature risin’. Higher, higher, it’s burnin’ through to my soul." Dean sings loud, laughing when he gets to the good parts. "Girl, girl, girl," he crows to Sam, "you’re gonna set me on fire. My brain is flamin’, I don’t know which way to go." 

Sam scoots his chair over. 

Steak and beer flavored kisses are exchanged but the guitar never stops.

"I just might turn into smoke," Dean breathes, "but I feel fine." 

The guitar plays a little louder; his hands working faster. Sam grabs him by the ears and pulls him in for a kiss that’s deeper that the sinkhole in the corner of their yard.

"Your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of a choir. You light my mornin’ sky. Burnin’ love." 

Together, in laughter, they sing the chorus.

"I’m just a hunka hunka burnin’ love. Just a hunka hunka burnin’ love." 

It’s a pretty good summer.


Anonymous said: If you had to describe the location where the company is currently living by comparing it to someplace in our world, what place would it most resemble? Weather-wise, geographically, land features, water features, etc.


Hi! This is such a great question. We haven’t really delved into the physical/geographical aspect of this world, so it’s awesome to talk about. 

  • The best way I can put this is… think of Victorian England.
  • Meridian was colder, with flat land.
  • Lee is warmer, with some hills but still also flat. 
  • Lee is twenty miles away from a major lake, with a river that runs to and from it, so the city is very busy and quite prosperous because of that. 
  • Weather-wise it’s more like the Midwest. The city of Lee itself is like 1800’s/1900’s London but the rural part (where Jared lives) is more like Kansas. There’s a lot of green, undisturbed portions of land with very rich soil. There is very little air and light pollution. 
  • The roads in Lee are nicer than the ones in Meridian. If Jared or Nicky ever had to walk alongside a carriage, they’d have a much easier time. They’re often either paved or cobblestone, instead of just dirt lanes and roads. 
  • It’s pretty stable in Lee, with an average of 60-70 degree weather during the spring and summer, and 30-50 in the fall/winter. It doesn’t snow and this winter has been unusually warm, so Jared and Nicky have been able to sleep outside without too much of a problem. 
  • Also unlike London, it doesn’t rain that often. It rains just enough and there haven’t been any massive droughts or floods or any extreme weather. Lee is considered one of the nicer cities to live in (like Maya) but it’s expensive. It has a population of about 10,000 individuals. Maya had about 20,000 (with narrower, more crowded streets) and Meridian had about 40,000. More people are able to afford living in Meridian.
  • Currency is in gold/silver/bronze pieces all throughout the country. Some items can be exchanged for pieces (furs, game, etc.) but you won’t get rich that way unless you start/own a business. True wealth is in land that is in cities like Lee or Maya. The fact that Eli owned land in Meridian and Lee (and was familiar with Maya) adds more to the notion that Eli came from old money.
  • Their current residence in Lee has a ton of acres. It’s difficult to maintain and keep up, but Eli had people take care of that for him. 
  • On the estate there’s a small lake, small enough that it’s private but not big enough to be on any map. It’s about 5ft deep. There’s also a creek on the property and a forest, just like the one in Meridian. 
  • Many wealthy families are self-sustaining. They live off their lands for the most part, with specialty items (like towels, soaps, etc.) bought at stores in town.
  • I kind of mashed together Victorian England with Little House on the Prairie. Sort of!

I’ll post a few more pictures but I hope this is a good start! Thank you again, this was fun to answer.

Reblogging this for It Takes references. :D 


THANK YOU! to everyone who contributed, spread the word, and supported my tablet fund. This comic is for you. <3 

This is a snippet from the Punzel Verse, which you can read here. I’ve written 600,000 words of fic and I’m excited to write 600,000 more. That is possible all because of the generosity of this fandom. 

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