Anonymous said: Hi there! I was just curious, are you going to write Jensen joining twitter into House of Gold? I love that verse and I get so excited whenever I see that you've updated it! Keep up the awesome work :)


I wasn’t going to but now you’ve put the idea into my head! XD Let me see what kind of schmoop I can cook up with this. :D Thank you! And thank you for reading!


The Chicago Verse Mini Comics. :)


Times when separate beds were nice.

(drawn by me!)


Aqui No Mas (A Chicago Verse Poem)

the sidewalks in Pilsen are cracked
every break creates veins
venas nenas en mis pies
carry me through to the taqueria I like
best with corn tortillas and free sour cream
the best Cuban iced coffee
is right next to a McDonald’s
across the street from a bakery
near a black painted sign for
¡Libros Libros Libros!
the light on Ashland and 18th
is unfair y asi es la vida mijo
no mas que me das
amalo como si fuera el ultimo dia
don’t worry about the speed bumps
on 19th near the museum
jes take et easy, you know?
la Catrina is there
on permanent exhibit
the sidewalks she came from
the sidewalks she was born from
are cracked like
venas nena
but her blood is our sangre and it’s
different but the same but not
and sour cream should always be free
but if you went to the wrong taqueria
and have less billetes in your billetera
that’s okay nena
vente pa’ca
on 18th and Allport
where the sidewalk is cracked in Pilsen
and este rubio mantiene mis huesos
y savorea mi sangre en la tierra.


Anonymous said: Hey Cal do you think you could write a story set in the Chicago verse involving Dean and Sam going through a power outage? I only ask because my family's going through one now, and it sucks. I know Chicago's had a bunch of storms this summer. So has Michigan where I'm from. So it would be funny and cathartic to have Sam and Dean going through the same thing. Getting on each other's nerves, and ending with some hot black out sex. ;P This is wngFangel again. P.S. Power won't be on till Monday. :(

hi there hun!

i have this fic rolling around in my head but it hasn’t matured yet. i’m trying to piece together things, but this awful writers block is being stubborn as hell. >_<

i’m sorry to hear you’ve lost power! i hope it’s up by now. <3 it stormed by us last week and many in my neighborhood lost power. i love storms but not when they get like this. o_o 

i hope you’re doing okay hun! keep me updated. :)



A restaurant I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago. Thinking about incorporating this somehow into a verse.

Also, I’m sorry to say but my writers block has reared its ugly head. Sigh.

In addition to that, I’ve been struggling with some health issues. Hopefully I’m back in the game and cranking out our favorite boys and all their hijinks. Thanks to all who have reached out. I’m very appreciative and so glad you’re here.


There’s a new chapter of TCV up! Inspired by this concert. Pictures were taken by me. :) Indigenous is a great band.


More of The Chicago Verse in texts. :) Goodnight!


Cakehole (part of the Chicago verse)

"I hate that song."

"No you don’t."

"Turn it off."

"But Dean, once I rose above the noise and confusion…"


"I hear the voices when I’m dreaming."

"I don’t have to listen to this."

"You do. I’m driving. Should I quote you here?"

"No. You are and will always be the cakehole."

"I set a course for winds of fortune…"

"God dammit, Sam. You missed the turn."

"Nope. I’m not taking your route."

"90 is faster than whatever ass backwards way you’re trying to take. Jesus, two hands on the damn wheel! I’m shutting off this shit."


"Fuck yes!"

"Just two seconds!"


"I’m driving!"

"That means squat. I’m older."

"It’s coming up though!"

"Of all the fucking overplayed shit…"

"You better not swear when we get there."

"If we get there. You’re driving. Who knows what might happen."

"It’s a communion for a ten year old girl. Try to be more polite than you actually are. I tell people I’m married to a civilized and kind person."

"Your lies are not my responsibility. You should fucking know better."

"Do I turn left onto Halsted?"

"I told you, take 90."

"Oh! Here it is!"

"Slow down! Sam! Sam?!?"


"You sped through a yellow light!"


"You fucking cakehole."