Junot Diaz has had a profound influence on my writing, especially with the Chicago Verse. Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing him in person and meeting him afterwards. Definitely an author y’all should check out if you read TCV.


New Fics: Punzel Timestamps

Hi all!

I’ve posted two Timestamps to the newly created Punzel Verse. I’m on my phone and cannot link, but they’re up. :)



Just a few doodles from the Chicago Verse.


What games would Dean beg Sam to play?


Art for His Dinosaur Named Stella, which is part of the Chicago Verse. 

Link to fic here and start of the series here. :D

Drawn by me!


Amateur astrologer and cowboy!Jensen and homebody!Jared.

I’m watching Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson. So many ideas!


This is Mine [Chicago Verse Drabble]

Dean gives in and drives Sam to work on a Friday morning. He doesn’t want to take the CTA today; doesn’t feel like being a sardine or dealing with delays. Fine. Even if this means Dean has to go into downtown and try not to now down pedestrians, it’s still better than driving through Wrigleyville on game day.

"Don’t take 90, Dean."

"Does it look like I’m taking 90?"


"Mm is not an answer, douchebag."

"Just don’t take 90."



"Oh, pardon me, I just monetarily forgot that I was driving."

"Ha ha."

In front of Sam’s building, the radio decides to play along. Dean turns the music up. Sam gets his briefcase together and puts his hand on the door, ready to get out before someone gives them a ticket.

"Wait," Dean snips, and places a hand on Sam’s shoulder.

"What? You want a tip?"

"Yeah, fork it over."

"Dude, I don’t have cash…"

"How can someone with such a big head be so stupid?"

"If you just wanna call me names and shit, Dean, wait until I’m off of work, jerk."

Because Sam is dense and no ticket maid has showed up, Dean moves his hand from Sam’s shoulder to the back of his neck and pulls him in.

Stevie Wonder plays clear through the stereo.

Dean keeps his mouth an inch apart from Sam’s. A blush spreads across Sam’s face.

It’s not all true. Dean has been needed before. But he’s needed now in a better way. He murmurs along with Stevie. “For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of, long before I knew… For once I can say this is mine, you can’t take it. Long as I know, I have love I can make it.”

It’s not a long song. Dean smacks a kiss onto Sam and shoves him out of the car.

He watches Sam cover his mouth and scramble into the building, bumping into several poor pedestrians along the way.

Dean cackles.

He takes 90 back home.


Chicago verse Drabble

A client asks Dean what makes the best relationship.

He thinks about it for a second.

His answer is:

"It’s like chili, right? It takes time. A long time for the best. You wanna rush it, it’s gonna be watery shit, no substance. You mess with it too much while it’s cooking and you’ll wind up with mush. That’s the hardest part though: waiting for it to cook. Six hours is good; eight is better. Can’t take the lid off or you’ll let the steam out. But you make this once and it’s good, yeah? Make it again and you try a few new things. Then it’s great. But make it again and someone says, Dean let’s add basil this time and you go, basil is for spaghetti sauce, stupid. But he’s gonna give you the fucking silent treatment if he doesn’t get his way so fine—you put in a few pinches of basil while he’s watching so he knows that you did it, even if you think it’s gonna turn it to shit. And you snap at him to leave the damn lid on. And he snaps at me to quit adding so much bacon. Then he’s hungry at the four hour mark but I’ve got an idea. Oh yeah. Wash my car, jerk. So when I’m done apologizing four hours later, the chili is done, cooked to perfection. A bowl is served with a beer and a lime and he forgets why he’s mad at me or why his day was so bad. And… I forget… A lot of things that I won’t ever be able to apologize for enough.

But we left the lid on. And we waited. We walked away sometimes, but that’s not all a bad thing. We came back. I served and he took out the beer.

So… Uh. Yeah. Uh. Sorry, did you want the recipe?”

No one has ever turned the offer down.


Anonymous said: Hi there! I was just curious, are you going to write Jensen joining twitter into House of Gold? I love that verse and I get so excited whenever I see that you've updated it! Keep up the awesome work :)


I wasn’t going to but now you’ve put the idea into my head! XD Let me see what kind of schmoop I can cook up with this. :D Thank you! And thank you for reading!


The Chicago Verse Mini Comics. :)